Question: What does a Virtual Phone Line do?
Answer: Virtual Phone Line Service gives you a new phone number pointed to your existing phone line or IP Address or IP PBX system. This new number can be of another state or another country, even if you are not geographically/physically there. Choose any regular phone number, anywhere in the world you wish for it to ring to. Have as many Virtual Phone Lines as you need. One for your friends. One for your family. One for your business. Virtual Phone Line is for INCOMING CALLS.

Question: How does Virtual Phone Line Service works?
Answer: It works similarly to call forwarding. Think of Virtual Phone Line as a new number. This new number can be from anywhere on Earth. Virtual Phone Line is set by you to forward to your existing number. It’s like having a virtual office or home in another city, state or country.

Question: Can I get Virtual Phone Line to ring my cell phone?
Answer: Yes; When you travel to another country, you buy a local mobile, and forward your calls to that number, saving tons of roaming charges.

Question: Can I get 1800 Toll Free number on my cell phone?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Is it hard to install?
Answer: There is NO INSTALLATION for Virtual Phone Line at your end; Virtual Phone Line does the work. We simply forward your new number to your old number. You can try now for FREE with your FREE Signup Account.

Question: What does it cost?
Answer: Virtual Phone Line Service has different rates for different countries' phone numbers. Furthermore, the rates vary on the RING TO number that you choose. Please visit for complete rate plans. 

Question: Are there any start-up costs?
Answer: Some numbers have a setup cost, and some do not. Every number has a different rates. Please Look at for our complete rate list of all countries that we have numbers for.

Question: How much time will it take for my number to be active?
Answer: Instant, all numbers are instantly activated to you when you purchase them. Some Customer's from Outside the United States may be required additional information or may have to pay via western union, that may delay your account activation.

Question: What is Talk Time?
Answer: When you buy a Virtual Phone Line, and want it to be ring to on a Land Line or Mobile Phone Number, You have to pay for a Termination Fee for that call to that Phone Number, and Talk Time is used to subtract that fee from your account. I.e. you buy a London Number, and then you forwarded it on a US Mobile Phone, Every Time Some one calls you, It will cost you 4 US Cents a Min to Land that call to that number. If you terminate that call to an IP Address or Instant Messenger, then there will be no charge for receiving this call. Ring to Number and Termination Number is the same thing.  

Question: Can I take my Virtual Phone Line and number with me when I travel?
Answer: Absolutely. Login to your VPL account and map your Virtual Phone Line number to ring to any number, anywhere in the world. Travel anywhere and map your Line to your local number overseas. There is NO CHARGE to change the RING TO location of your number.

Question: Can I transfer my current phone number to Virtual Phone Line Service / LNP?
Answer: Yes, if you are in the United States, Canada, UK or France we can PORT your number to our network, here is the schedule and rates for transferring the number:

United States - One Time Charges $35 and then Per Month $7
Canada - One Time Charges $40 and then Per Month $7
United Kingdom - One Time Charges $35 and then Per Month $5
France – One Time Charges $150 and then Per Month $6

Question: How do you bill for services?
Answer: Virtual Phone Line Service is a PRE PAID service, which means that we will charge your credit card automatically on a monthly basis. Your billing cycle starts when your telephone number is assigned to you. Thereafter, you'll be able to view your up-to-date charges online at any time from any computer with a Web browser, from Use your user name and password, and click on account statement.

Payments become due 15 days before the beginning of the month, 3 days before the Beginning of the month, if we are still not paid for, The Number gets automatically Terminated.

Question: Can I use Virtual Phone Line Service without a credit card?
Answer: Yes; Send a Bank Wire transfer or use Western Union. ($25 bank wire transfer fee) The details for sending money through Western Union are on 

The minimum amount accepted is $500. Your account will automatically stop working and the number will be terminated when the available balance falls below zero. 

Question: Will I get a paper invoice?
Answer: No. To bring excellent service at the lowest cost, your Virtual Phone Line Service monthly charges and account activity can be viewed online only. Your online account statement is available 24/7. To keep a paper record of your phone activity, simply print from the Web.

Question: How do I report a service problem?
Answer: Simply contact us via your online account by logging in to your account. We do not provide support via email nor via phone at this time.

Question: Can I cancel at any time?
Answer: Yes. Cancel anytime. If you will cancel within first 30 days of service for any reason, we will waive the activation charges (not the monthly charges or the international minutes you used.)

To cancel your account, Login to your account, Click on MY NUMBERS, and DELETE the numbers that you do not want, and you will no longer be billed for our service. 

Question: What is the credit/ Star rating you provide to your Virtual Phone Line customer?
Answer: Clients are rated based by country of origin, numbers obtained from us and numbers the calls are going to ring to. (This decision is based on fraud percentages re: all three criteria.)

To improve your rating, send your credit card's front & back copy, driver's license and most recent credit card statement.

Question: How to improve Credit Rating?
Answer: In order to change the ring to number, to a zone 2, the customer cc rating must be 3 Star (***).

When the customer tries to change the ring to number, to a zone 2, he will get this message via email. The customer's credit rating with our company is 2 stars at this time.

3 Stars: If you wish to change the ring-to number to zone two, you must have at least 3 stars credit rating. We will call the provider of your credit card and verify your information. Once we verify the information, we will inform and welcome you to 3 stars rating.

4 Stars: To be able to choose a zone 3 number, you need to improve your rating. How? :: send the scanned copy of your credit card, front & back to and your ratings will automatically increase after your documents are verified and approved by your bank.

5 Stars: Payment through Western Union or Wire.

Question: I tried to change my ring to, but I got a Credit Rating Error. What is that?
Answer: This means we are not able to verify you properly. You must send

1. Your Credit Card front and back, scanned.
2. Your Credit Card's most recent invoice from the bank showing your address.
3. Your Picture ID, a driver's license or state ID, showing your picture, name and address.

Send these items to and we will increase your credit rating, allowing you to use our service freely.

Question: My question was not answered. How do I contact you?
Answer: Current customers login to their account and click on e-Mail Us. Not our customer yet? Please visit our contact us form or email to We know once you try the Virtual Phone Line Service Phone Service, you will LOVE IT!

Question: Does the incoming caller-id information get passed along to the forwarded number?
Answer: Yes, it does pass the caller ID.

Question: How to Try a Free Trial?
Answer: Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions: IP Forwarding

Question: What IP should I add to receive the calls?, I mean from which IP will the calls come from?


Question: Do you offer any sample configuration for asterisk?
Answer: Yes,

Question: I get one way audio. I believe my Asterisk is fine. How do I check if the DID is bad?
Answer: Check it by receiving the call of that DID on http://www.freeworlddialup com or http://www.gizmoproject com

1. Signup for a freeworlddialup com or gizmoproject com account
2. Route your DID to your Free World Dialup account, i.e., or Gizmo Project account, i.e., This may take up to 24 hours to be ready for use. Free World Dialup and Gizmo Project have instructions in their forum.
3. Call the DID we provided you
4. Converse and check the voice both ways

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