Buy Number From over 60 Countries

You can buy numbers from over 60 countries and then route them to anywhere in the world.

Multiple Countries forward to one number

You can buy numbers from different countries and forward all of them to one Mobile or Land Line Number or even on an IP address/p>

Instantly Change the Ring To Number?

You can instantly forward your phone number to any phone number in the world, on an IP address.

IAX2 Forwarding?

Route your calls using Inter-Asterisk eXchange 2 Protocol, to any IAX2 Service like AsteriskGURU or Asterisk, Or OpenSwitch.

Flat Rate Billing

You can select a FLAT Rate plan for your number, which allows you to receive unlimited calls on a regular phone, for a fixed, per month fee.

Automatic Bill Payment

All your bills are automatically charged to your Credit Card.

Facebook Connect

Manage and access your favorite features using your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry device.

Instant Activation

Instantly add new numbers and start using immediately. May not work for all countries, due to security check's and form requirements.

Refer a Friend - Get 5$ Free?

You can refer your friends to start using Virtual Phone Line and once they will buy a number from their account, you will get $5 for referring them to us.

SIP Forwarding

Route calls to Session Initiated Protocol. You can now route calls to any IP Phone, Pbx, Asterisk, SER, TrixBox, SipX, Brekeke or any other Standard SIP service provider.

Change Ring To Number Of All?

You can instantly change the ring to settings for all your purchased numbers to any destination, all in one go.

Low Balance Notification?

When you have a low balance on your talk time, you are notified for the calls and also requested to add more talk time.

Virtual PBX?

The new Virtual PBX hosting offers advanced features that are unique to the integration of the phone and computer. The PBX systems provide an online means of ringing your virtual number on your Virtual PBX or Digital Receptionist with IVR Management.

Click to Call?

It allows user to connect their Facebook identity, friends and privacy to any website with features of Trust Authentication, Real Identity, Friends Access, Personalized Experience and Dynamic Privacy. With a simple connect button users can register and log-in to in just two clicks.